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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think I'm in Love!!!

No offense to my lovely wife, Kathy, but there is a new love in my life and it is the Canon 5D mark 2. Why a camera, and why this one you ask. Well, for starters this camera body has a full frame sensor. Back in the day, film was used in stead of digital sensors. A piece of 35mm film with the dimensions 36x24mm was used. When digital photography came along, cost prohibited the manufacture of a sensor the same size as a conventional piece of film. Thus the sensors in most cameras were made smaller, and therefore more affordable. The downside of this is that image quality is lost, and the size of the image coming through the lens is "cropped". This has resulted in the cropped lens sensor.

Anyway, Canon was the first to make a full frame sensor, and this arguably allowed digital to surpass film. The first generation Canon 5D cameras utilized this sensor, and I promptly picked one up.

Of course there were those who didn't think that the Canon 5D mark 1 was all that, and to be honest they had some valid complaints. Low megapixels, low iso, etc. Canon responded to the critics by releasing the 5D mark 2. Ha! Take that!

But here's the kicker.... IT SHOOTS HD VIDEO!!!! Oh joy!! The thing that is so impressive about the video capability goes back to the full frame sensor.... it's larger than many of the sensors in high end video only cameras. See this chart below...

It's a lot bigger.

So, now when someone asks "Should we shoot video or stills?" you just say "both."

Another advantage I see with this camera, is that if you are shooting video, just think of the high quality lenses you can put on the body, and the ease with which yo ucan change between macro, and wide angle.

To really appreciate this camera, you need to check out the video on Backscatter's website. I think you'll agree that this camera changes everything...

Ok now that you've seen what the 5D mark 2 is capable of, it's easy to see why I'm in love...


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